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“Sacred Journey Therapy is absolutely the deepest healing I have ever experienced.  I feel it deep down in my bones in this lifetime, and deep in my soul from other lifetimes.  Cranial Sacral Therapy helped me clear so much unnecessary energy thus allowing me to clearly hear my spirit speak.  I truly believe it can heal any illness.  I would recommend it to anyone, at anytime, for any reason.  My favorite aspect is the focus on non-judgement and strength.  Thank you Beyond Wellness so much for bringing me to my Gifts!”

-Marie Zubinski (Student of SJI)


“On a personal level, the SJI has changed my outlook on life and how I perceive things going on in my life and in the world. It has brought spirituality into my life and has improved relationships of those around me. Before starting with SJI, I would get stuck in old thought patterns and was experiencing boughts of depression and physical ailments. But now I have lifted those heavy emotions through cranial sacral therapy and miasm release. Now I feel better equipped to handle stressful situations and think clearly. This program has changed my life for the better. On a professional level, I am able to offer more to my clients through this type of energy work. I can take my clients healing process further in their massage sessions. This has enhanced my client’s experience and I am proud to offer this level of healing to them.”

-Dena Rose LMT, CST, MRT (Graduate of SJI)


“To put it simply, the classes at Sacred Journey Institute have changed my life. More than just classes to teach you the mechanics of Craniosacral, SJI provides a safe and loving environment to step into inner exploration of who you truly are. After each level, you truly feel that various layers of your psyche have been peeled away or essentially blossomed. Your inner world continuously expands, shedding light on the overwhelming beauty found within and surrounding you. These classes allowed me to discover many gems hidden in the depths of my soul. Many thanks to Don, Ania, Dana, Stephanie, and all the staff that makes SJI some of the best courses you’ll find in uncovering yourself.”

-Jen Skeffington (SJI Student)


“My experience at Sacred Journey Institute has been one of receiving a good working knowledge of Cranial Sacral Therapy…at least that is where it started! The atmosphere of nonjudgmental and unconditional support from the staff fostered an atmosphere where I realized that that the “good working knowledge” was just the tip of the iceberg. The real learning came as we were encouraged to trust and develop our intuition to grow from technicians to healers. I will be forever grateful to everyone at SJI for helping me to discover who I am and what I am capable of accomplishing!

-Sue Levins LMT (SJI Student)


“…I would like to applaud Don Massat for his efforts in bringing about a continued awareness of the capabilities that physical beings possess when they open their hearts and trust the Universe. Your connection to the Universe offers you many opportunities to tap into sources of information that will provide you with answers to satisfy your curious mind. No question is too difficult to offer a response which will open doors to many possibilities and lead you to an expansive place which allows availability to everyone. Endless information keeps alive the desire to know, wonder and search in ways that may seem unconventional to most yet offers Truth – plain and simple.”

Carole Malin CST, MRT (Graduate of SJI) Click here to read more


“…I have experienced continuous transformation since beginning this journey. One of the most intense core shifts for me was to expand my belief system beyond my imagination. To let go of the what, why and how and just be open to the experience. When I did that the impossible became possible, the unknown became known and I felt my innate personal power surface and I was reborn.”

-Dawn Depke CST, MRT (Graduate of SJI) Click here to read part 1            Click here to read part 2


The SJI has given me a chance to explore avenues of the world, the people in it, collective energy and parts of myself that were not given an opportunity to come forth in all their ability. There is so much potential in each of us but we are often forced to repress our God given gifts. We end up buried alive. Buried in our emotions and expectations others place on our shoulders. SJI has taught me to see the true beauty in being in this world. It is not to eat, drink, and be merry but to live freely with unconditional love with a heart that is wide open embracing every moment to be and feel every breath. SJI has taught me that every soul needs to connect with every other soul in order to be in the collective energy that can heal all of humanity.

-Desire Conwell CST, MRT (Graduate of SJI)


“I was sure when I began this journey into the Cranial Sacral work that it would help me elevate my skills so that I could help my clients and others. I never guessed that it would be reversed and that I would be the person who most benefited from the work. I’ve been wrong a lot in this lifetime but never more happily. I’m just coming to realize that the true gift of the Cranial Sacral work is the people. Gifted beautiful souls called to nurture and heal. Your classes are filled with them. I love to watch the classmates open up like butterflies and soar. “

-Brenda Collins LMT, CST, MRT (Graduate of SJI)


“Sacred journey institute is the most life changing experience you can have!”

Charlene Vickery CST, MRT (Graduate of SJI)


“I have so enjoyed my cranial sacral training. My mind has expanded so much in such a short amount of time. Thank You!”

Donna Damato CST, MRT (Graduate of SJI)


Jennifer – Psychosis/Schizophrenia

I was first introduced to Beyond Wellness, Don Massat and his staff two years ago. As young as I can remember I’ve been tormented by demonic presences. These occurrences eventually broke me down. My mother was the one who introduced me to this therapy and Beyond Wellness. She had been participating in chakra and spiritual therapies for years and felt this therapy would be an excellent solution to my problems. Being that I was tired of doctors misdiagnosing me and putting me on medications my body refused as unnatural and unstable to my nervous system, I agreed to try the therapy.

My mental illnesses have varied in the past but a majority of them were aggravated by not a genetic nature. The first disorder, I was diagnosed with was anxiety attacks at fifteen, a common disorder amongst millions. The second was at nineteen, which was a psychosis brought on by a spiked drink that contained a highly controlled substance. I believe the psychosis also was aggravated by a near death experience and accompanied head trauma. My diagnosis was manic and bipolar disorder. Throughout the years the illnesses seemed to come and go but I noticed that the demonic presences were much more severe before my big breakdown. My symptoms varied, but usually would be fast heart beat, severe headaches, racing thoughts, disturbed sleeping patterns, decreased appetite, depression, paranoid thoughts, and anxiety.
My first session that I attended two years ago was a little uncomfortable to me because I didn’t know what to expect. I admit I was close-minded and skeptical. Since I was raised Catholic I believe miracles come only from God, church and praying and I say this because I experienced a small miracle one day after praying at a grotto. However that day I was proved wrong at Beyond Wellness, as my story will unfold. My very first session was very relaxed with comfortable lighting and therapeutic music playing. Don & his partner brought me into a dream-like state. He asked me to describe these exorcist hell raiser type demons that had been tormenting me since age three. As I described these demons I felt Don and his partner slowly pulling these low energies from my body. I actual felt the spirits leaving and as they left I felt much lighter. It was if a pressure was taken right off my soul and body. After the session I felt lighter and more receptive to positive light energies around me. I was steady and my bodies equilibrium was back and no demons tormenting me.
It had been two years since I had that session until 4 months ago. The last year has been very hard for me, I lost the dearest and loved person, my grandfather. He was not only my grandfather, but more like a father and best friend. It was extremely difficult for me, I felt so much grief, sadness, and loss. As soon as I started feeling those negative thoughts the low energies returned. So once again I felt compelled to go visit Don.
When I entered the session it was the same as I remembered from my first visit. Upon entering the room I visualized a cloaked demon screaming at the doorway. As I was taken into a dream-like state I saw more demons. I saw a group of thirty cloaked with hoods, some carrying wands of crystal, some carrying candles. They were walking in a row towards a sacrificial monument and they appeared to be underground in a dark cave-like environment. Don and his partner removed these evil energies slowly and carefully. They were difficult to remove but in time they were once again removed. The demon I saw upon entering identified
himself to Don was the hardest for him to remove. As Don pulled and pushed this demon away from my body, I got a visual of the demon screaming in anger as he fell to a bottomless pit. Don also removed the pain of losing my grandfather. During that time Don said he heard my grandfather’s voice and two statements intended for me to hear. It was impressive what Don told me because the statements Don repeated to me were two statements my grandfather would say to me a lot while I was growing up. After that I saw orbs of colors spinning like a colorful light show. Soon after I saw a tall, handsome man then myself meeting him. I saw me and the man dancing together and colors swirled around as if we were in love. I then saw him proposing to me on a couch in a living room I couldn’t recognize and lastly my twins, a boy and a girl. Strangely these things were already predicted by my grandmother on my dad’s side of the family who is a little psychic. I left the session once again feeling light more receptive to light, but this time my predictions for life were confirmed and that made me feel more content.
A month later I went back for a second session. I felt fine physically and mentally but I went because I wanted to get rid of negative feelings such as pain, loss, shame, guilt, denial, and so on. There were no demons in this session, just release of negative thoughts. Don and partner went to work on these bad thoughts, identifying and erasing them from my mind. I once again saw visuals of my husband and children to be. I got a glimpse into one of my past lives. I will describe the one I knew of faintly and the most interesting. I was a woman in my mid-twenties and it was in the late 1960’s, I was a songwriter, writer, artist or photographer. I was famous, rich and partied with musicians and celebrities of the Woodstock era. The next thing I saw or better yet felt was unexplainable. All of a sudden in session a light flashed before my eyes, I could see my old soul the woman I described. I was actually in the living room of this woman’s house, I was looking right at her but could only see the back of her. She was much more petite than me, she had long wavy, light, ash brown hair secured by two barrettes. She was wearing a peasant top with a brown suede fringed vest and a belt with a bohemian skirt. The room was lavishly decorated somewhat like Janis Joplin’s style at the time. She was going to get a record, when there was a knock at the door. She forgot the album and walked towards the door. she opened the door without hesitation after peeking out to see who it was. She appeared to know the man didn’t seemed surprised he was there. As soon as she let the man in and closed the door the man’s hands were around her throat and she was wrestled to the floor. I was then immediately thrown into this woman’s body and strangely felt like I was repeating something. I felt his hands on my neck I gasped for air as I cried, “no please don’t stop, why are you doing this to me?” I saw my long hair flying in front of my face as I struggled to get away or claw the man in the eyes. Sadly I couldn’t because I was too weak. I felt myself slipping away taking my last breath as my (the woman’s) spirit floated away, At the end my second session I felt complete knowing about my past lives because I believe I am now a reflection of those past lives. I didn’t make too much headway on banishing the negative feelings but I knew it would surely be taken care of in the next session.
The third session I had a few weeks ago. I went back again to release those bad emotions and had a breakthrough. I fell into a dream-like state quickly in session and began to see saw two native American Indians, one young, and other old. They were both dressed traditionally and wore face painting. They helped assist Don work the low energies out of me. While Don worked I saw the Indians using feather wands to dust away the negative energy. The Indian men joined hands above me and chanted while colors and images changed in their hands. It was one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Soon after I was blowing out a windstorm of breath non- stop. I believe it was negativity racing out of me. Towards the end of the session the Indians presented Don a dove and his partner a feather wand. When I woke up everyone was out of the room and I instantly felt peace in my heart and soul.
Thank you Don Massat and staff, you’ve made a big difference for me and my life.
Therapist Comments:

Schizophrenia has always been something the medical model has struggled with. Miasm Release Therapy has set many like Jennifer onto a new journey in life!

~Don Massat


Silvia – Schizophrenia

Some say that I have schizophrenia. Now I don’t say that I have that, but that’s the bracket my doctors have placed me in. What is true is that I have had several episodes of schizophrenia like psychosis which have resulted in my being in and out of the hospital for many years. Just as I’d recover and get back on my feet again boom I’d get hit with another schizophrenia episode and wham I’d be in the hospital again. Now it’s not to say life was all bad for me but it was very hard; I wasn’t able to keep a normal job or have very successful relationships as you might imagine.

I knew there was more to it than met the eye and it seemed when I’d call on my guides when in an episode of schizophrenia it seemed to make things go easier; yet there was much for me to learn I was sure.
Then enter Don and Beth from Beyond Wellness. I started out in some of their classes and boy did I learn a lot. It was starting to make sense to me. They confirmed my knowing that these schizophrenia like episodes were openings in my psyche and my potential. Gifts were shining through but it was too much and I didn’t have the tools yet to master all the “voices”. Don and Beth patiently taught me ways to clear my energy, how to stay grounded and many other tools that later proved to come in handy.
Most importantly I started seeing Don and Beth as a client. They did miasm release, cranial sacral, esalen and other energy work with me. This continued to help clear me physically, psychically, emotionally, etc. and eventually gave me the tools to self clear some as well. The miasm release particularly taught me and gave me practice separating what was me from what was “them” or other than self.
Now I know all these things helped me because the last time I had a schizophrenia like episode I didn’t have to go to the hospital. Yes, it still knocked me out of my everyday life, but I was able to walk through the “madness” with greater ease. The biggest gift was that I was able to separate what’s me from “them” a lot more.
I don’t know about you, but to me Beth and Don have given me the greatest gift of all; they have given me my life back. Practicing what they have taught me and continuing to see Don regularly, it’s been over 2 years since I’ve had any schizophrenia like episode. So this stuff is really working. Now I’m able to live a normal life. In fact I’m now engaged and going to get married.
So many thanks to Beyond Wellness and Don and Beth.
Therapist Comments:

Silvia’s trust and openness to a new belief system has created a whole new journey for her. Silvia, through Miasm Release Therapy, has now opened her gifts and is one of the most incredible body workers in

~Don Massat

I would look forward to Silvia’s sessions and learned so much from experiencing her light body. Silvia’s unique, ethereal qualities enhanced the power of the healing energies offered to her by Don and me throughout the sessions.

~Beth Pizzotti

Michael B – Paranoid Schizophrenia

I was driving home and my son called to discuss the success he had in selling a new line of sunglasses inventory in the baseball park. The ball park had been very busy and he had a great sales day. I hung up the phone thinking of how far we had come and how blessed I was.

Flashback to January 2008 – My son had been exhibiting signs of mania since December. He was very high strung and was not sleeping. Ten months earlier he went to the survival camp in Idaho for similar issues. While it helped and he was healthy, here we were 10 months later with the same symptoms but worse. We went to Holistic Naturopath who tried to change his diet but this really did nothing quickly. The mania got worse and finally I took my son to the emergency room where he was diagnosed as bipolar with paranoid schizophrenia. They put him on strong medication that was $1200 a month. After 11 days he crashed into depression and his personality totally changed. The doctor’s response was that could also be put on antidepressant. My son, who was 18, decided to stop taking all medication. We started weekly acupuncture and few homeopathy treatments. While that calmed him down he still was paranoid that someone was trying to kill him. I went to work one day and was called by the state police that he was on the highway at the toll booth complaining that he was being followed and that he should be put in the witness protection program. After that incident I then began driving my son everywhere. I dropped him at a friend’s and was called several hours later. The friends decided to go to another person’s house who my son didn’t know. He called me telling me he was certain that they were plotting to kill him. I was at my wits end when a friend of mine told me about Beyond Wellness and the Cranial Sacral Therapy. My son started to see Don weekly. Immediately the treatments seemed to calm him down but he still suffered from the paranoia. Don suggested Miasm Release Therapy. The MRT was amazing. Similar to Cranial Sacral Therapy but with 2 therapists and the treatment was able to completely get rid of the paranoia issue in one session! Don created a completely safe atmosphere that involved both my son and I and gave us hope (the medical model wouldn’t give me any information given his age). We went from a very scary situation with the medical recommending I classify my son as indigent with little hope for a normal life.
Currently my son has 2 part time jobs delivering pizza and selling sunglasses at the ball part during baseball season. While he has some issues with focus /follow through, he is totally medication free. He goes for CST about every 3 weeks and just knows now when his body needs it. He even has taken the first level of Cranial Sacral Therapy training and hopes to continue in the future. In the fall his goal is to begin classes at the local junior college for Medical Technician Training. Like I said, I feel very blessed – all because of Don Massat and others at Beyond Wellness. I can’t thank you enough!!!
~ Cindy B


Laura D. – Schizophrenia

Dear Don & Beth

I believe that I’ve been given a rare opportunity to clean my life. A real blessing that surely has come unexpected.
Thank you Don and Beth for being the facilitators in my healing process. Thank you Beth for sharing the important verbage from your guidance stream.
I look forward to more good things to come and continue
In trust,
Laura D.

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