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Shaman + Licensed Psychotherapist


. Dana is the Owner and an instructor at Sacred Journey Institute, one of the elite schools of CranioSacral Therapy & Miasm Release. Dana is the Founder of Wholistic Wellness in Frankfort IL, a Wellness Center for the mind-body-soul. Dana journeys beyond ordinary to work with the multi-dimensional trauma and it's effects on human behavior. Dana is a Cranial Sacral Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor, Healer, Teacher and Shaman with 15 years of Shamanic Integrative Healing and Holistic Modalities

My passion is helping each client become the expert of their life by changing their beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, patterns, & behaviors. I work with children, adolescents, teenagers, adults in individual, couples, and families. I hold space for you by meeting you right where you are & I gently guide you back to your inner wisdom as you reclaim all the parts of yourself that you may have lost or have not trusted.


Graduate of Sacred Journey Institute, Tinley Park, IL

Masters in Psychology, Governors State Univ. 2019

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor



Integrative Healing Artist, CST, LMT, SJT, MRT, QHHT

Stephanie is a certified Visionary Cranial Sacral Therapist,  licensed Massage Therapist, and Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapist. She is the founder of the  Illumined Soul integrative healing arts, designed to “awaken your inner Radiance.” Stephanie is a graduate and teacher at the Sacred Journey Institute in Tinley Park, where she studied and taught with the late Don Massat, legendary “City Shaman” and founder of the SJI school and the Beyond Wellness center. Stephanie practices Cranial Sacral Therapy, Miasm Release Therapy, Sacred Journey Therapy, Vibrational Healing Therapy, Distance Healing, all of which induce healing and spiritual transformation in clients who exhibit many different types of ailments and dis-ease, including anxiety, TMJ, ADHD, cancer, autism and schizophrenia.


“My approach is inspirational and intuitive in gently working with each of my clients to integrate different aspects of their body, psyche, and spirit into an ever unifying whole. My passion is to support them as they realize their innate gifts, which arise as they come to terms with their past and learn to forgive and accept their karmic patterns, which may have been inherited ancestrally, unlocking codes and allowing more light to emerge from their DNA. I work with adults of all ages--individually,  as couples and family units– as well as teenagers and small children."


Graduate of Sacred Journey Institute, Tinley Park, IL

School of Holistic Massage & Reflexology



LMT, CST, MRT, Reiki Master

Pam introduces her students and clients to a world within themselves where there is no limits.  No limits to the experiences they can have or the miracles they can create.   There is a life force energy flowing within all of us just waiting to be seen.  This energy brings healing, a deeper knowing and ultimately transformation.  Trust, surrender and vulnerability opens the door.  Pam is passionate about Craniosacral Therapy and the profound healing effects it can have on our mind, body and soul. She continues to explore all branches of Craniosacral work including Visionary, Biomechanical and Biodynamic theories. Pam is an instructor and graduate of Sacred Journey Institute.  She is skilled in Craniosacral Therapy, Miasm Release Therapy, Sacred Journey Therapy, Vibrational Healing and Sacred Journey Massage.  She is also trained in Viseral Manpulation and Maya Abdominal Massage.  



Graduate of Sacred Journey Institute,Tinley Park IL

Graduate of Soderworld Academy of the Healing Arts, Willowbrook IL

Reiki Master (Usui and Karuna)

Barral Institute – Viseral Manipulation

Abdominal Therapy Collection (Maya Abdominal Massage)

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