Sacred Journey Institute is a Center that offers continuing education for licensed massage therapists and bodyworkers. Sacred Journey Institute was founded by Don Massat in 1999 and it welcomes people of all religions, spiritual paths and race. We are a center that connects the Body, Mind, and Spirit and that promotes an active and responsible life filled with Peace, Love, and Light. Through our teachings we are empowering individuals to pursue their own Life Path.

Class Locations

Soderworld/Sacred Journey Institute

16W501 Nielson Lane

Willowbrook, IL 60527 630-455-5885

& Tinley Park IL

3 day class: $500   |  4 day class: $595

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Cranial Sacral

Level 1

Laying the foundation; working from the heart 

This course introduces participants to scientific and emotional perspectives of the cranial system and to our intuitive approach to Cranial Sacral work. Using slides and dis-articulated specimens, the study of cranial anatomy includes an inspection of each individual bone, its movement potential in isolation and in unison with the other cranial bones and possible reflexive relationships with the body and mind.

On an experiential level, emphasis is placed on centering techniques, cultivating our inner peace, and opening our intuitive self to interacting with our partner’s cranial system instinctively. Each day includes closely supervised hands-on practice with a partner to help deepen one’s understanding of the work. On the final day, techniques presented and practiced for each individual bone are brought together in a basic protocol that may be used as a basis upon which to introduce basic cranial work into one’s practice.


For 2022, we will only be hosting Level 1 Classes