Sacred Journey Institute is a Center that offers continuing education for licensed massage therapists and bodyworkers. Sacred Journey Institute was founded by Don Massat in 1999 and it welcomes people of all religions, spiritual paths and race. We are a center that connects the Body, Mind, and Spirit and that promotes an active and responsible life filled with Peace, Love, and Light. Through our teachings we are empowering individuals to pursue their own Life Path.

All classes are taught by Don Massat in Tinley Park IL; Beyond Wellness & is a Center that offers higher education for the public. 

Class Locations

Soderworld/Sacred Journey Institute

16W501 Nielson Lane

Willowbrook, IL 60527 630-455-5885

& Tinley Park IL

3 day class: $500   |  4 day class: $595

2020 Schedule

  • Cranial Sacral

    Level 1

    Laying the foundation; working from the heart 

    Date: Sept 11-13, 2020

    Location: Tinley Park

    This 3 day course introduces participants to scientific and emotional perspectives of the cranial system and to our intuitive approach to Cranial Sacral work. Using slides and dis-articulated specimens, the study of cranial anatomy includes an inspection of each individual bone, its movement potential in isolation and in unison with the other cranial bones and possible reflexive relationships with the body and mind.

    On an experiential level, emphasis is placed on centering techniques, cultivating our inner peace, and opening our intuitive self to interacting with our partner’s cranial system instinctively. Each day includes closely supervised hands-on practice with a partner to help deepen one’s understanding of the work. On the final day, techniques presented and practiced for each individual bone are brought together in a basic protocol that may be used as a basis upon which to introduce basic cranial work into one’s practice.


  • The Manifestation of Heaven on Earth

    Don Massat

    Date: Sept 17-20, 2020

    Location: TBA

    This 4-day Therapy Retreat Session focuses on the art of Manifestation by breaking the cycle of fear and reconstructing energetic signatures. Emotions will be processed from the subconscious with the use of clearing our field and cleansing our environment. The Heart/Mind will now join together with the assistance of Luminism to celebrate our journey into the “Energy of Creation”.Other topics will include Lightworker ascension symptoms and self healing; how to raise the vibration of the planet; and seeing the transparency of cult practices and modern day conspiracies.


  • Clearing the mind, opening the Heart

    Don Massat

    Date: Sept 24-27, 2020

    Location: TBA

    Through the use of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Dream Interpretation and Shamanic Counseling we will break down the core structure of Miasm and build the foundation of Luminism. Sacred journey Therapists will cross cultures to access collective wisdom on health and healing. Such similarities include an association between trance and altered states, emotions and defense mechanisms, belief and integrating new concepts, health and spirit. Rational medicine, exorcism and a shamanic approach to mental illness will be addressed.


  • Cranial Sacral Level 2

    Unwinding; The Heart and Sacrum  

    Date: Oct 9-11

    Location: Tinley Park

    This 3-day course is using the basic protocol learned in the level 1 course as a point of departure, this course builds upon the basic skills by introducing new possibilities for exploring relationships on physical and energetic levels. The concept of working from the heart will be explored as we approach the sacrum.
    Supine approaches to addressing the sacral and pelvic bones and muscles will be demonstrated and practiced. Palpation skills in facilitating unwinding will be shown in separate protocols. Generous classroom time is devoted to developing sensitivity to and practice of unwinding.


  • Level 11-Expanding our Soul Experience

    Dana & Don Massat

    Date: Oct 22-25, 2020

    Location: TBA

    We gather together Lightworkers in communion of Spirit. Topics covered will include but not limited to:


      • Advanced ethic lecture and discussion of Sacred Journey Therapy

      • Mind Travel

      • Trance Channel Therapy and how it presents itself in our everyday life

      • Transforming Miasm

      • Exploring the exciting energies of Luminism

      • Bringing forward Self Healing concepts and techniques

      • Exploring effective ways to actually reverse the aging process


  • ​Sacred Journey through Astral Travel

    Don Massat

    Date: Nov 5-8, 2020

    Location: TBA

    The foundation has now been set for sacred Journey Therapy. This high art of healing is a very intimate form of energy work, touching the soul in such depth that it will often release deep seeded emotions, healing ancient wounds or perhaps sending the client into wonderful euphoric state. The Sacred Journey Therapist creates a space for whatever the clients soul is searching for. This work may change unwanted patterns of behavior that have continued with us from other lifetimes.


  • Exploring the Evolved Human

    Don Massat

    Date: Dec 3-6, 2020

    Location: TBA

    This four-day Therapy Retreat Session is where we will continue our adventure to elevate the Human being by weaving together wisdom of Lemuria, Mythical Atlantis, Ancient Egypt, and Pleidian cultures. Then bringing this to our present Earth experience as the chosen theater. Let’s bring the magic of Ritual into Spiritual Healing, offering simple, creative ways to strengthen family, friendship, community, and sense of self.


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