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Don Massat

The Founder

Don Massat, the Founder of the Sacred Journey Institute, returned to the light on 2-1-22. Don's “Visionary Approach” to Cranial Sacral Therapy continues on through his gifted Instructors. All available as continuing education for licensed massage therapists and bodyworkers. 

He played, he danced, he laughed and now he is flying high in the cosmos wrapped up in the light of Divine. My father Don Massat passed away. Many hearts are broken, but he is right where he loves to be, in freedom and in the light. 
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Cranial Sacral Therapist, Healer and Shaman, Don Massat was the Director of Beyond Wellness and Creator of the Sacred Journey Institute both located in Tinley Park, Illinois & Willowbrook IL

Don journeyed beyond ordinary realities to work with energies in the body that may influence our lives. He devoted himself to the study of multi–dimensional trauma and its effects on human behavior. Don Massat is also the founder of Miasm Release Therapy, Sacred Journey Therapy, Sacred Journey Massage and Vibrational Healing Therapy.

Don has appeared on the television shows WGN,  “Road to Wellness” and “Beyond Wellness” where he has spoken on subjects of Schizophrenia, Trance Channeling and introduced a “shamanic approach” to Cranial Sacral Therapy. He has done various radio shows and lectures across the country on new alternative ways to approach cancer, disease and various mental health disorders bringing forth his most profound spiritual work.

His background in Cranial Sacral work combines the Upledger approach from Colorado with the Visionary approach from the Milne Institute in Big Sur, California. Don is a certified massage therapist and instructor at the Wellness and Massage Training Institute in Woodridge, Illinois. Don also completed extensive studies in advanced Esalen Massage through the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California and further incorporates Deep Tissue Massage, Ortho Bionomy, Reiki, Prenatal Massage, Sports massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Myofascial Release into his practice.

Don Massat | Soderworld featured by WGN Chicago News by Ana Belaval

Who is Don Massat

by Steffeny Smith, LCSW, CST, SJT

Don has a style of teaching that empowers all students to open to the possibilities of their innate gifts. I watched students (many who were massage therapists) begin the training thinking it was another massage technique to add to their tool box. I met nurses, and business people all who were wanting to learn the practice of heart centered, shamanic cranial sacral therapy. As our training progressed, I saw profound changes occur in myself and all my fellow students, regardless of their backgrounds.

The magic of Don Massat is that he truly sees the individual souls of his students. He is able to tap into their energy and support them in opening to their doubts as they step into the possibilities of seeing themselves as more then they can imagine.

Through meditation and reflection, playful energy exercises, didactic learning and hands-on practice, Don allows each person to experience firsthand the power of “playing in the energy.” His play and light hearted nature fills the room with fun and joy as students begin to learn the art of intention, light touch and the power of unconditional love. Don holds a space where people can feel and express themselves in a way that heals the soul.

Don’s belief in the power of the energy body and how the states of love or fear influence the totality of the person’s emotional, physical and spiritual self is easily communicated. It is as if what he explains should have been taught in Kindergarten. If it had, we all would have learned how to release the feelings of fear in our bodies and step into the healing energy of love as our birthright.

Don spends his time effortlessly helping the community in Tinley Park and beyond, and is deeply committed to an art of healing that this world so badly needs. He makes it clear that this work is available to anyone who is interested in learning to live in a higher energy vibration. Don’s powerful teaching is truly a spiritual gift. All who talk with him feel touched and understood. As students throw out question after question he is never impatient or intolerant. He remains steady and kinds, helping all students apply what he is teaching to their own experiences.

I have watched so many people who have doubts and fears, misconceptions, and even anger challenge his ideas and teachings. He remains steadfast and compassionate, meeting these people where they are, and melting defenses that allow each individual to hear just what they need to feel a bit better. This medicine for the heart really helps people see their own fears. Don’s enormous unconditional spirit affords them a space to express and learn to release the old beliefs. In this way, Don creates a true body, mind, and spirit experience.

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