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​Level 8-Sacred Journey through Astral Travel

Don Massat

Date: Mar 19-21, 2021

Location: TBA

The foundation has now been set for sacred Journey Therapy. This high art of healing is a very intimate form of energy work, touching the soul in such depth that it will often release deep seeded emotions, healing ancient wounds or perhaps sending the client into wonderful euphoric state. The Sacred Journey Therapist creates a space for whatever the clients soul is searching for. This work may change unwanted patterns of behavior that have continued with us from other lifetimes.


Level 13-Inside the Evolved Human

Don Massat

Date: Apr 15-18, 2021

Location: Soderworld

By exploring connection to “Higher Self”, we will guide ourselves into our gifts and strengths offering ways to integrate this Sacred Journey into our every day lives, raising the vibration of our environment around us.

    Utilizing the gifts of the Sacred Journey Therapists, we will break down old behavioral patterns and concepts which feed the core structure of Miasm in order to free the soul and set ourselves deeper onto a path of personal growth and Peace.


    (Test review and study guide) will also be included in this class to complete Certificate of achievement for the Sacred Journey Institute. 


    Students may use a ($ 150) deposit to hold a space in this class.


Don Massat

The Founder

Don Massat, the Founder of the Sacred Journey Institute, uses a “Visionary Approach” to Cranial Sacral Therapy to lay the foundation for Miasm Release Therapy and Sacred Journey Therapy. All available as continuing education for licensed massage therapists and bodyworkers. 

What SJI students say...

"…I would like to applaud Don Massat for his efforts in bringing about a continued awareness of the capabilities that physical beings possess when they open their hearts and trust the Universe. Your connection to the Universe offers you many opportunities to tap into sources of information that will provide you with answers to satisfy your curious mind. No question is too difficult to offer a response which will open doors to many possibilities and lead you to an expansive place which allows availability to everyone. Endless information keeps alive the desire to know, wonder and search in ways that may seem unconventional to most yet offers Truth – plain and simple."

Our Vision

“Visionary Approach” to Cranial Sacral Therapy

Sacred Journey Institute has been approved institution for continuing education through the National Certification Board for
Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB). Sacred Journey Institute offers continuing education classes for licensed massage therapists and bodyworkers seeking new knowledge and exploring spiritual growth. Sacred Journey Institute was founded by Don Massat in 1999 and it welcomes people of all religions, spiritual paths, race, and education levels.


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